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DisneyLand Quick Case Study

Problem: Patrons are slipping on wet floors exiting rides in many areas
Area of work: Synthetic wood surrounding ride exits (approximately 1,000 sq ft)
Solution: 1 Coat / Floor Grip – Matte

After testing several products internally we decided to use SlipDoctors due to the durability and internal tests we have performed. We will be using SlipDoctors products in other areas throughout all our parks when this issue presents itself again. Disneyland

Hilton Hotel Case Study

Product: Stone Grip
Review: “We treated 125 porcelain bathtubs at the Hilton Garden Inn. We also treated another 118 porcelain bathtubs at the Hampton Inn. The product is absolutely magnificent. We were undersold on the products two-year warranty. We applied this March 2014 and 3 years later, our tubs are still anti-slip. SlipDoctors continues to provide excellent customer service, and we are extremely satisfied. We are very happy to have found a solution to a dangerous problem!”

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Quick Case Study

Area of work: 4000 square feet of tiles surrounding the swimming pool
Problem: Client had issues with slippery tiles near the swimming pool
Solution: Clear non-slip spray coating
Review / Response: Hotel Management was satisfied with the results of the treatment and feels that the likelihood of an accident has been reduced. Four Seasons Hotels.

Department of Aging and Disability Case Study

Product: Stone Grip
Review: “Our property had 10×15 foot bathrooms treated, 60 units in 4 buildings with tile floors. Statistically, it has reduced slip and falls and has exceeded expectations. We would absolutely recommend this to other companies with slippery bathrooms. We are specing this into our future buildings.

Holiday Pool Inn Quick Case Study

Area of work: 4700 square feet of tiles around the pool, including a kids’ play area, washrooms, change rooms and the entry area.
Problem: The client’s tiles were previously treated with a similar product, but it was losing its slip resistance.
Solution: The Three-Step System was applied. First, a deep clean was done to remove rust stains. Then, the Activator and Neutralizer were applied to improve traction.
Review / Response: The staff is satisfied with the result and confident that the area is now better guarded against slip-and-fall accidents.


Product: Stone Grip
Review: Hello, My name is Joaquin Calvillo and I represent SteamWorks, our company has been in the surface cleaning, restoration & protection industry for over 22 years. During that time we have developed procedures and engineered equipment purpose-built to deliver astounding results and achieve the highest level of service possible through human, mechanical & chemical processes. Within the last few months we were introduced to your product through a client who was referred to us by their builder. The issue that caused them to reach out was one you know well and have developed the solution for… An expansive patio and pool deck area beautifully tiled in designer porcelain that fulfilled their every aesthetic desire but was unusable due the treacherous nature of the slip and fall danger presented even while completely dry. Their research pointed them to your product which we were then tasked with the application thereof. After conferring with your technical support division we utilized your product combined with our cleaning and preparation procedures and the results were truly amazing. When I asked the client to step out and test the finished product (surface) she oh so carefully, gingerly and timidly began to step out onto the patio… To which I said… “Oh, no, not like that, just walk right out normally, without fear” which she did reluctantly at first, but then immediately began to walk and halt, walk and halt with absolute confidence. She was thrilled to be able to put to use and enjoyment the area specifically created for precisely that. I believe that our ability to clean & restore surfaces to extraordinary results combined with your amazing product are a perfect fit and that your product combined with our surface preparation can achieve a synergistic effect in the satisfaction of your customers resulting in increased brand recognition and referrals. To achieve this, we would like to be your referred vendor for the preparation and application of your product. I am available to answer any questions and address any concerns at your convenience and can be reached directly at 210.789.9303, I look forward to hearing from you… Joaquin

Amtrak Quick Case Study

Area of work: Over 200 Metal Ramps
Problem: Customers slipping on metal ramps exiting training and loading docks areas
Solution: 1 Coat / Tuff Grip – Black
Review / Response: Hotel Management was satisfied with the results of the treatment and feels that the likelihood of an accident has been reduced. Four Seasons Hotels.

“Customer kept slipping entering and exiting from the trains. After discussing with SlipDoctors this seemed to be a “no-brainer” for us. SlipDoctors treated over 100 ramps on our initial discussion with SlipDoctors right away! Problem Solved!” Amtrak

Tim Hortons and Wendy’s Case Study

Product: Stone Grip
Review: “We are very happy with the results after our floor was treated with StoneGrip and we will be using it for other locations as well. Our slippery floor problem has been corrected!”

Rancho Santa Teresa Swim & Racquet Club

“We are a large HOA that maintain a range of properties, including the Rancho Santa Teresa Swim & Racquet Club. This club has four pools, each with a concrete pool deck. Our board was looking for a product to use on the decks to increase traction, in dry and wet conditions, to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. We've decided to invest in SlipDoctors' Dura Grip High-Performance Non-slip Epoxy Paint because it is specifically designed to provide a hard, durable barefoot-friendly textured finish and considerably increases slip resistance even when wet. We've treated the area with the product and so far, it looks and feels great!”

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