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ANSI / NFSI B101 Standards

Testing Standards

  • ANSI B101.0 ($65) - Walkway surface auditing procedure for the measurement of walkway slip resistance
    Recommended for performing walkway audits

  • ANSI B101.1 ($60) - ANSI/NFSI B101.1 Test method when measuring wet SCOF of common hard-surface floor materials
    Used in conjunction with SCOF testing (ASM 825A)

  • ANSI B101.3 ($60) - Test method when measuring wet DCOF of common hard surface floor materials (including action and limit thresholds for the suitable assessment of the measured values)
    Used in conjunction with DCOF testing (BOT-3000 or BOT-3000E)

Other NFSI Standards

  • NFSI B101.2 (in development) - Test method for determining the impact on wet dynamic coefficient of friction of various chemical or physical walkway surface treatments

  • NFSI B101.4 (in development) - Test method for measuring the wet barefoot condition of flooring materials or products

  • NFSI B101.5 ($50) - Standard guide for uniform labeling method for identifying the wet static coefficient of friction (traction) of floor coverings, floor coverings with coatings, and treated floor coverings


  • NFSI B101.7 (in development) - Standard test method for lab measurement of footwear outsole material slip resistance

  • NFSI B101.8 (in development) - A floor safety management program for slip, trip, and fall prevention

  • NFSI 101-C ($50) - Test method for measuring dry TCOF of floor mat backing materials

Other Testing Standards

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  • ANSI A137.1 - Specified in 2012 International Building Code for indoor wet areas and TCNA

  • ASTM C 1028-07 SCOF Test - Obsolete, misleading test withdrawn by ASTM in 2014. Not valid for assessing pedestrian safety

  • ASTM E 303 Road Skid Test - A simplified pendulum test with soft TRL rubber

  • Pendulum DCOF Test (CTIOA, HB 198/AS 4663-2013, EN 13036-4) - Endorsed by CTIOA since 2001

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