Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What kind of surfaces does SlipDoctors treat?

    Mop Kitchen Stone-Grip Treats:
    Ceramic Tile Floors
    Quarry Tile Floors
    Polished Marble Floors
    Polished Granite Floors
    Polished Porcelain Floors
    Terrazzo Floors
    Travertine Tile Floors
    Porcelain Bathtubs
    Swimming Pool Decks
    Cultured Marble

    Other product solutions:
    Vinyl Floors
    Wood Decks
    Sealed Decks
    Any Many More!

    2. When can we walk on the floor?

    The floor can be walked on as soon as it is neutralized. It will be wet but not slippery.

    3. Is this a coating that goes on my floor?

    Mop Kitchen The Stone Grip product is not a coating that can wear off. SlipDoctors imprints a microscopic tread pattern on the tiles that is so slight it is not visible to the eye.

    4. How long will it last?

    The floors can be slip resistant for years, unless you put another coating over it. Coatings can be a buildup of dirt and grease. Waxes will coat the floor.

    5. Is this process dangerous for my pets?

    It is not harmful to your pets. Pets should not be allowed to walk in the area that is being treated.

    6. What safety equipment is required?

    The person doing the application should wear gloves and rubber boots. Protective eyewear should be worn. Long sleeved shirts and pants would be a good idea as well.

    7. How will I know how to do the process?

    Complete instructions are included in the package.

    8. How do I know how long to leave the product on my floor?

    The instructions will walk you through a small test area to determine the length of time that you will leave it on the floor.

    9. What if I am not sure what type of floor tile I have?

    If you send us a sample of your tile we will tell you what you have. Possibly a photo will do the trick.

    10. What do I do if I get some on my skin?

    Immediately wash your skin with soap and water.

    11. Will I dilute the products?

    No; dilution is not necessary. We use a mild but effective concentration from the factory.

    12. How long will the whole process take?

    The chemicals will only be on the floor for a few minutes. The time is in the preparation, cleaning, sample test, and it needs to be rinsed. It would depend on how many square feet you are doing. You should work in small sections.

    13. Is the price reduced for larger orders?

    Yes, if you need more than three gallons the price is reduced.

    14. Will my tile change in appearance?

    Typically there is little to no change is appearance of your tiles. Highly polished marble or granite tile could result into a mat finish after treatment. We always suggest sample tests before treatment.

    15. Will this alter my tile warranty?

    No. Your tile and installer will keep their existing warranty.

    16. Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, contact us for a quote for shipping.

    Return Policy:

    We offer a full refund if the product does not work on your floor within 30 days. Due to insurance liabilities we cannot accept returns for any other reason.

    Damaged or missing items: Please notify us within 2 days of delivery by calling the toll free phone, 1-888-436-5404 or e-mailing


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